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Whatever Happens In The USA Ripples Around The World

Leaders Must be Painfully Honest And Truly Transparent.

The USA is divided. A lot of acrimony is in the air. Perhaps we all should register as Independents and always vote for the people who are honest and gracious and balance budgetsReal leaders empower people to actualize their dreams. Political parties are just too divisive, shortsighted and narrow. Small Business School  has a simple formula. We believe life is defined by creating value. Often it translates to creating a business of one's dreams. Could most unemployed people pursue a business of their dreams?

They pursued their dreams and created a job for themselves...

Step 1: Dreaming

Meet Glenn Walser of Automated Foods
Step 2: Starting

Lorraine Miller, founder, Cactus & Tropicals, Salt Lake City
Step 3: Selling

Meet Paul Scharfman of Specialty Cheese, Wisconsin
Step 4: Growing

Leonor Ferrer, founder, Ferrer Brokers, Otay Mesa, California
Step 5: Employing

XTO's Chairman, Bob Simpson
Step 6: Scaling

Step 7: Sustaining

Meet Anne Beiler, founder, Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Step 8: Exiting

2009, USA:   About 11.1 million people were unemployed.

If at that time  every one of these people were offered loans to start the business of their dreams, and if each had as many as five of our federal employees to rally around them, those businesses might have gotten traction and become successful.  More...

A  letter to the President:  If  the unemployed took out a very-low-cost loan of $30,000 to start a business, and as many as 50% did, we would've loaned only $150 billion dollars and unemployment would've dropped under 6%We would have been learning so much more about business formation, job creation and the very nature of work.  The world would have taken note.

It is never too late.   We  can  still  do  it.   Already  many  nations  have  learned  from  the  good  examples  within  the USA.  Let us all learn from the best examples

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