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Last Update: Tuesday September 30, 2014

Meet New American Heroes Because They Create Jobs...

They create wealth. They make this world a better place.  Are you?

Debra St. Claire

Sohrab Vossoughi

Pamela Rodgers

Mingo Lee

Eight Steps To Start, Run, Grow And Harvest A Business

Step 1: Dreaming Step 3: Selling Step 5: Employing Step 7 : Sustaining
Step 2: Starting Step 4: Growing Step 6: Scaling Step 8: Exiting

Be The Best Person You Can Be Today and And Every Day

You can stand out. Be somebody special Be ethical, transparent. Have integrity. Do a lot with a little. It's OK to be modest, gracious and generous. People once said, "You're trying to keep up with the Jones." Then the Jones became Bill Gates and, now Mark Zuckerberg. "Nothing less will do" yet the opposite is true. Conspicuous consumption is out. Dig deeper into our understanding of things. No more shallow living.  Look deeper inside your business and yourself. Make a new beginning. Be part of a business revolution based on loving one another.

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Everything is free.   This television show was sponsored by some of the world's best businesses.  This site is all about good businesses getting better:

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