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Let's Answer Key Questions About Business & Life

What is the essence of small business?   ... the key  foundations?
What is your liquidity model to get your equity out but leave the heart in?
There are eight options. Study them all.  Focus on one, then go deeper.
How about the ESOP?  It's not easy. You and your people created this baby.  

George Otchere, SAIC

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The Ethical Foundations of Business

Each episode aired on PBS-TV stations throughout the USA and the Voice of America around the world.  This television show has a simple starting point. It begins with a vision about our common foundations and of the essence of integrity.

Yes, these are the key foundations of a democracy, too.

Use the case study guide, transcript and video to teach others.  Imbue these concepts within ourselves. This episode with Michael Novak is a starting point. Have everyone watch and study each of these key ideas.   More...

Watch videos about doing business the right way.

For example, there are about 260 videos just about selling and about increasing sales. All are best practices of small business owners selected by local business advocatesAll reflect about business and the meaning of life.

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