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Retail Is Improving:   Know Thy Customer.

We're All Carefully Defining And Then Finding "Our Tribe."

It is more personal, more educational, more like a club and often bigger than life.
Some of the Big Box Retailers are doing a lot right. Surely Nordstrom redefined customer service for everyone. Yet the small businesses of the world give us texture, personality, uniqueness, and choices. Small business can win against the big box because the future of retail is education, personalization, and community. Here are a few examples.   See their genius at work.   More...   And even more...

Jackalope, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Make Shopping an Adventure

4:12 | Play Now | Here customers wander through acres of products from all over the world, with special foods and entertainment organized into fascinating boutiques.   More...

Orange Tree, Madison, Wisconsin

Stay Focused on Your Target

0:41 | Play Now | Carol Schroeder wrote the book on specialty retailing. She says that successful shopkeepers who have made it through the Wal-Mart shake out know that they can not sell anything people can buy at Wal-Mart.   More...

Sundance Lodge, Provo, Utah

Be Thoroughly Authentic

1:31 | Play Now | Using a famous face -- Robert Redford --  and his cause marketing can help get you in the customer's door. Authenticity and customer service keep it open for you.   More...

The Show Is Still On-the-Air In A Few Markets

From 1994 to 2009, the show aired on most PBS stations around the USA and on thousands of stations worldwide via the Voice of America-TV:   All of these videos come from on-location interviews. All of the insights are from small business owners who were selected by their community. We learn about the power of business and how values and beliefs motivate them.  More...

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