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Last Update: Monday September 1, 2014

Labor Day 2014:

Make business a place where creativity trumps any-and-all differences

Diversity in the workplace cultivates ideas and gives perspective.

You have the whole world in your genes: While the people of the world struggle to co-exist, here are many workplaces where the dynamics of creativity override the deep historic tensions between cultures and religions. Creativity focused on creating something of value, monetized and extended in time, is far more valuable to people than the weight of historic prejudice, bigotry and even hatred. Herein is the spirit of hope and the future.

Best business practices: Videos from this television show all have aired on PBS-TV stations in the USA and on VOA-TV all around the world.  Each of us can do better.  The US Dollar?!?   Go global.  Export.  Listen to ideasGet involved. Create a local show (trade associations and chambers).

There is a many-sided perfection within every moment of time.

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