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Where is the soul of a nation? Answer: Within you.

It's not within all our problems. Surely it's not within waste, greed, and corruption (fraud & abuse).  The soul of your nation is  within you.

1. Focus on government:  Local-state-federal – be truly responsible.
2. Work to discover the depths of your genius. Then work those ideas. More...
3. Never stop learning.  Watch a few of 1000+ videos to help.  What do you know?
    Search for a video that inspires you to go deeper.
4. Be free.  Be open.  Keep discovering new things to your dying day.
5. Create a job.  That'll make our world a better place.       Music: Dylan/Times

Eight Steps To Start, Run, Grow And Harvest A Business:

George Hill, Detroit

Steps 1 and 2 Start with an idea then risk a little
Key Question: Why is arrogance so dangerous?
Meet George Hill and Arnold Joseff of Detroit  

Nicole Miller of new York City

Step 3 and 4:  Sell happiness.
Key Question: How do I increase sales?
Meet Nicole Miller and Bud Konheim of NYC   More..

Harry Rosenthal, Sundance

Step 5: Expect to fail
Key Question:   How do I keep growing?
Meet Harry Rosenthal. Visit Sundance Catalog   More...

Dina Opici, Opici Wines, Glen Rock, New Jersey

Step 6: Eat Dinner with Your Customers.
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?
Meet the Opici family of Glen Rock, NJ   More...

The Souto brothers of Cafe Pilon and Rowland Roasters, Miami

Step 7:  Keep dreaming.  
Key Question: What are you dreaming about?
Meet the Souto brothers of Cafe Pilon  More...


Step 8:  Think Big from Day One.
Key Question: How do I build a big business?
Hattie asks, "Please watch their final words to us!"
The heart of capitalism, the soul of a nation.

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