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Last Update: Tuesday May 31, 2016

We salute our veterans and all those on active-duty.

These veterans served, then served again by starting a business and employing thousands.

Build with People You Know

2:53 | Play Now   Jodi Johnson and her former boss,  Dave Young, worked together for decades before they launched their own company. They have complementary strengths which make for a strong leadership team. More...

Put Your Own Skin in the Game

3:37 | Play Now Each of these business put their own money on the line!  We begin with Joe Fergus (COMTek) who used his personal savings to launch his business (nearly ran out of cash before his first sale). We also hear from Mark Gross (Oak Grove Technologies) and Jodi Johnson (Oberon). More...

Put Your Values in Writing

2:03 | Play Now  Dave Young keeps everyone focused with a set of basic principles that are posted in the lobby for all to see. More...

Listen to the Marketplace

3:50 | Play Now   Mark Gross started in business with an idea that didn't work.  In the pursuit of the wrong idea, he landed on the right one, Oak Technologies.  This segment begins with Joe Fergus  of COMTek  and includes comments from Scott Denniston of the US Veterans Administration. More...

Think Big from Day One

2:47 | Play Now   Concluding Remarks:  Jodi Johnson and the three other founders in this episode all launched companies with a goal to reach a hundred million in annual sales!

Best business practices on PBS stations throughout the USA and the Voice of America-TV around the world.

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