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Eight Key Perspectives For A Growing Business

Ask many questions!

Hattie Bryant introduces you to web veterans with good advice
Albert Black, On target Supplies & Logistics, Dallas, Texas
Mark Gross, Oak Technologies
Orange Schroeder of Madison, WI
Felicia Sorboni
David Bowden of Transition Associates, Westerham, England
Brad Armstrong, investor in Blue Whale Moving
Good citizens like good employees challenge their leaders: "How can our products be better? How can we be better? How can I be better?" Ask yourself, "What value have I created today?" If you're not adding, you're subtracting. What is your value quotient? More...

Step 1: Get a website that you control. More...
Key Question: How do keep good customers?
Meet successful early adopters of the web.   More...

Step 2: Be very clear about your mission.
Key Question: How do I stay excited about life?
Meet Albert Black of Dallas. He envisions his future.More...

Step 3: Do your research.  More...
Key Question: How do I know what to sell?
Meet Mark Gross, founder, Oak Technologies More...

Step 4: Stay focused on your customers.
Key Question: How do I keep good employees?   More...
Meet Orange Schroeder of Madison  (WI) More...
Note: There are over 150 videos about customer service.

Step 5: Grow your own leadership. Build your team. More...
Key Question: How do I reduce the risk in hiring new people?  
Meet Felicia Sorboni, Wahoo store manager started as a cashier.
Note: There are over 280 videos about people part of business.

Step 6: Use systems for continuous learning.
Key Question: How do I keep customers coming back?   More...
Meet folks reaching for the edge of technology More...

Step 7: Use the equity in your business.
Key Question: What is the Small Corporate Offering Registration?
Meet Brad Armstrong of Austin, Texas   More...

Step 8: Be a mentor, sponsor, advocate.
Key Question: How do I build a great reputation?
Meet Shiv Krishnan, founder, Indus    More...
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