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If You Want To Break Out, Expand Your Vision.

The World Wide Web opened things up.  Developing a rigorous worldview became easier. The challenge now is the Universe.  It redefines each of us and our work.  Is your work just a job? Could it be your calling?  "Yes?If so, get everyone involved.

Entrepreneurs always have these four options in life:

#1     Start.jpg
Andy Wilson had a dream. He had a job, too. He made good money, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to do more  so he jumped ship to start Boston Duck Tours and literally changed history.  He quit his job!
Another Key Question: How do I get started in business?
#2     Grow.jpg
Use your Social Capital. If you love your community, get out of your office and volunteer. You'll develop social capital and be quietly and profoundly surprised to see how others leverage it for you! Toby Malichi knows.
Another Key Question: What do I need to know?
#3     Buy.jpg
You can always buy a franchise! Here you meet Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. They now have over 900 stores; most are franchises owned by others. She says, "Find an angel."
Another Key Question: How do I buy a business?
#4     Sell.jpg
Don't let your dream turn into a nightmare and feel trapped by the business you created. Hattie interviews many different business owners and reflects on what it means to sell your business and then reinvent yourself.
Another Key Question: How do I find buyers?

All these videos on this site aired on PBS stations around the USA

Each also aired around the world through the Voice of America!  On-location insights from small business owners selected by their community, learn about the power of business and how values motivate.  Please log in. Sign up. Everything is free.

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