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Your Life Is Not Measured By Money Or Possessions

On one extreme are the greedy along with the liars,  cheaters and thieves.
They think only of themselves.
On the other extreme are those who want to do everything for us. They know it all  and want to be in charge. Both sell us short.
In the middle is the great majority of us who try to define our way; we try to live with integrity and do what is right for our family, community, nation and this little world.
Has the media also sold small business short? The answer is obvious.

Study the business habits of good people and good businesses. This weekly show began in 1994. Click on one of the images below. Meet men and women with real stories about businesses with real values and vision for a better world. Every image goes to a video. Every video answers a key business question. More Courses Professors

Understand the basics of morality: This television show has a rather simple starting point and a vision that seeks to understand the foundations of integrity.

Participate in the building of democracy and capitalismTeach the essentials of democracy and capitalism. Here is a tight little offering, an episode of the show with Michael Novak. Watch it, key idea by key idea, right here.

Step 1: Dreaming

Step 2: Starting

Step 3: Selling

Step 4: Growing

Step 5: Employing

Step 6: Scaling

Step 7: Sustaining

Step 8: Exiting

All The Videos Are About Best Business Practices: Aired on most PBS stations throughout the USA. 1000s worldwide through the Voice of America-TV Register! Log in! Navigation is easier and it's free.

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